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Heather Williams

Owner, Founder of HW Bookkeeping

I am so proud to say that I currently work with over 38 business owners around the US (and London!), helping them with their books, running payroll, or managing their personal finances.

I've always been drawn to understanding how to manage money. I have done tax prep at HR Block and taught Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University course four times at my church. I have completed the Bookkeeper Launch certification to become a bookkeeper and currently do this on top of my full-time job as a Director of People. 

I live an absolutely blessed life - and am thankful for everything God has given me. Most importantly, my adorable family!

Kirsten Johnson

Administrative Assistant

I'm so happy to be on board to support Heather's amazing clients! I have worked in civil service most of my career to include executive assistance, state metric management, and in direct client support for various agencies.

I'm Heather's sister, and where she's a fantastic entrepreneur, I love my day job in the public sector. I'm a helper at heart, so I go where I am needed whether that is 10 years of Army service, working in social services for military families, volunteering as a foster for our local humane society, or raising two kids into their teens (so far).

I'll be in the background cleaning up and organizing the details so that Heather can use her time to look at the big picture with you!

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